Kadanoff Seminar: Two dimensional QCD as a string theory. - Ofer Aharony, IAS

1:30 pm MCP 201

Two dimensional QCD as a string theory.

50 years after the duality of large N gauge theories to string theories was suggested, we still do not have a constructive method to find the string dual of a given gauge theory. I will review work in progress on two approaches to understanding this, in what should perhaps be the simplest case, namely two dimensional gauge theories. The first approach uses perturbation theory to obtain an effective stringy description of the high-energy states of 2d QCD with very massive adjoint fermions. The second approach starts from finding a good worldsheet description for the string dual to the two dimensional pure Yang-Mills theory; in the future we hope to add to it boundaries (quarks in the fundamental representation) and/or extra particles on the worldsheet (adjoint matter fields).

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Jan 29