Kadanoff Seminar - Hydrodynamics of kinematically constrained fluids. - Andrew Luca, University of Boulder Colorado

1:30 pm MCP 201

Hydrodynamics of kinematically constrained fluids.

I will introduce a zoo of new hydrodynamic universality classes, which describe the thermalization of interacting systems subject to kinematic constraints: for example, a theory where the center of mass must be exactly conserved.  I will show that this simple added constraint leads to a wealth of new phenomena, including subdiffusive relaxation of charge, and (in the presence of either time-reversal symmetry breaking or momentum conservation) the breakdown of hydrodynamics itself!   I will highlight both numerical and actual experimental realizations of our theoretical predictions, as well as sketch how we are generalizing effective field theory to these dissipative (and usually non-thermal) systems.

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Oct 24