In the first lecture on October 6 we discuss what is particle physics about: the questions we ask and try to answer and the general scientific method. We characterize the first elementary particles and some of the ideas and experiments in the beginning of last century that set the foundation of this physical science. Lecture 1 Slide Presentation, Photons, Electrons and QED Lecture 1 PDF

Quiz 1 : 1-C, 2-C, 3-C, 4-A, 5-B, 6-B, 7-D, 8-B, 9-A, 10-D, 11-D

The second lecture on October 13 walks through the experimental path that led from the atom, to the nucleous, to the quarks. We discuss spin and Rutherford scattering. Lecture 2 Slide Presentation The path from the atoms to the quarks Lecture 2 PDF

Quiz 2 : 1-C, 2-B, 3-C, 4-B, 5-D, 5-A 6-D, 7-D (there were two fives...)

The third lecture on October 20 deals with the force that holds the nuclear pieces together in the nucleus. We discuss cosmic rays and the discovery of the muon and the pion which mark the beginning of high energy physics. Lecture 3 Slide Presentation Cosmic Invasion: The pion and the muon Lecture 3 PDF

Quiz 3 :1 a-iii b-i c-ii, 2-D, 3-D, 4-A, 5-A, 6-B 7-A, 8-B .....................

In the forth lecture on October 27 we exlpore symmetries in the physical laws, the force that causes the muon to decay, the discovery of the neutrino and the ordering of a plethora of new particles. Lecture 4 Slide Presentation Neutrinos, Weak decays and symmetries Lecture 4 PDF

Quiz 4 : 1-B, 2-C, 3-C, 4-A, 5-C, 6-D 6-D, 7-only B is False

The midterm lecture on Nov 3 is a review and current status of accelerators. Starting from DC few hundred keV accelerators in the beginning of the 20th century to the multi Tera-eV machines online now and planned for the next two decades. Lecture 5 Slide Presentation Accelerator Invasion Lecture 5 PDF

The sixth lecture on Nov. 10 will discuss particle detection techniques. Lecture 6 Slide Presentation Particle Detectors Lecture 6 PDF

On Nov. 17 we briefly go through the "trigger" in a particle detector. We then see how an intuitive categorization of the hadrons led to a formulation that included quarks as mathematical objects. We revisit Rutherford scattering at much higher energies that revealed the physical (not only mathematical) quark structure of the hadrons. Lecture 7 Slide Presentation Eightfold way; the race for the top Lecture 7 PDF

On Nov. 24 we finish the race for the top quark. We discuss the carriers of the weak force, the W and Z bosons as well as the carrier of the strong force, the gluon boson. We also list the ingredients of the Standard Model. Lecture 8 Slide Presentation The race for the top Lecture 8 PDF

On Dec 1 we talk about the power and glory of the Standard Model, the Higgs mechanism, the current race for the Higgs and Supersymmetry. Lecture 9 Slide Presentation SM,Higgs,SUSY Lecture 9 PDF

In the last lecture on Dec 8 we will discuss the unanswered questions ; the connections with other sciences and also, extra dimensions, gravitons, black holes, strings and what have you.

Lecture 10 Slide Presentation Extra dimensions &tc Lecture 10 PDF