Elementary particle physics addresses the laws of nature in their most basic form. It asks what are the most basic particles and how they interact with each other. We don't know the complete answer to these questions but what we do know reveals a subtle, non-intuitive scheme with both symmetry and diversity.

The goal of the series is to present the continuing evolution of that scheme and the rich phenomenology at the conceptual level. It is also a goal of the series to emphasize that physics is an experimental science. In particle physics we do not know all the fundamental laws and much of the progress has come from experiments done in the past forty years. The significance of experimental results in the field, the methods by which the experiments are done and the problems that are encountered as well as the tremendous innovative scientific thinking (theoretical & experimental) will be presented. The title "Invasions" is inspired by a quote from Louis Leprince-Ringuet a cosmic ray physicist when he exclaimed in a meeting: "Gentlemen we are being invaded: the accelerators are here".

No scientific background is required. Just bring your curiosity and share in the excitement of particle physics research.

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Nov. 2 2001 QUARKSUNBOUND: A consise review on particle physics research.

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