Physics 483    String Theory I

Instructor:  Savdeep Sethi

Primary Text:  String Theory, vol. I  & II  by Polchinski

Location & Time:  KPTC 103, T-Th 12-1:20

This course will serve as part one of a two part introduction to superstring theory. It will be aimed
at advanced graduate students with a field theory background.

Additional Reference Material: 

Superstring Theory,
vol. I & II  by Green, Schwarz and Witten
D-branes,  by Clifford Johnson

A list of references on almost any topic in supersymmetric field theory and string
theory can be found here.

Some nice lecture notes by Paul Ginsparg on conformal field theory can be  found

Lastly, there are nice lecture notes and an online introduction to string theory  available
from Robbert Dijkgraaf's home-page.

Problem Sets:

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Please email me (or see me) to schedule an approximately 10 minute conference in which we can discuss your final assignment, and related topics.