Physics 385   Advanced Mathematical Methods in Physics

Instructor:  Savdeep Sethi

Location & Time: KPTC 101, T-Th 12:00-1:20

Office hours: W 11-12

Grader: Szilard Farkas, Accelerator 218

This is a special topics course that is oriented around the theme of symmetry and its implementation in physical systems; particularly quantum mechanical systems. The
background required for the course is graduate level mathematical physics and exposure to graduate level quantum mechanics.

The course grade will be based on homework assignments and perhaps a final exam or presentation.  An information handout can be found here.

There is no primary textbook but some references are listed below.

Problem Sets

Assignment 1

Solutions 1

Assignment 2

Solutions 2

Assignment 3

Solutions 3

Assignment 4

Solutions 4

Assignment 5

Solutions 5

Assignment 6

Solutions 6

Assignment 7

References & Additional Sources

The implentation of symmetry in physical systems involves group theory. There are lots of reasonable texts on this topic. Here are a few suggestions:

Lie Algebras in Particle Physics
by Howard Georgi
Symmetries, Lie Algebras and Representations
by Fuchs and Schweigert
Group Theory and its Applications in Physics
by Tetsuro Inui, Yukito Tanabe and Y. Onodera
Group Theory and Quantum Mechanics
by Michael Tinkham.

There is also a new book by Ramond available online via the library system here.

There is another text on semi-simple Lie algebras by Bob Cahn that can be found at his home page or here.