Physics 341    Graduate Quantum Mechanics I

Instructor:  Savdeep Sethi

Textbooks:  Principles of Quantum Mechanics  by R. Shankar

Location & Time: KPTC 103,  T-Th 10:30 - 11:50

Office Hours: Tuesdays at 4

Grader: Callum Quigley (RI 165)

Course Outline:

This is the first quarter of a two quarter sequence covering graduate quantum mechanics.  It is
aimed primarily at first year graduate students (and perhaps a few adventurous sufficiently
advanced undergraduates).

This quarter will be devoted to foundational topics in quantum mechanics. A partial list of topics
to be considered

In terms of course administration, there will be regular problem sets (~40%), a
mid-term (~25%) and a final examination (~35%).

The mid-term is scheduled for November 5. The mid-term will cover material
through the last lecture Thursday on the SHO and the first three problem sets.

The final is scheduled for Tuesday Dec 8 10:30-12:30 in KPTC 103.


There are many good texts on quantum mechanics. Here are a few that might be worth perusing.

Modern Quantum Mechanics by J. J. Sakurai

Quantum Mechanics by K. Gottfried

During the course, we will encounter symmetries and symmetry groups. A more detailed discussion of
group theory and symmetries can be found in the following three links (these files are fairly large. They
constitute the material for an independent course):

groups1 groups2 groups3

Some of you have asked about the collapse of the wavefunction and the issue of measurement
in quantum mechanics. We don't have time for a detailed discussion in lecture but here is a link
to a beautiful lecture by the late Sidney Coleman on "Quantum Mechanics in Your Face."


Problem Sets:

Assignment 1

Solutions 1

Assignment 2

Solutions 2

Assignment 3

Solutions 3

Midterm Solutions

Assignment 4

Solutions 4

Assignment 5

Solutions 5