Most of this visit was spent in Kyoto.  Pictures from 7/7/03 which was spent
exploring  temples in Kyoto.

A movie about Nijo Castle.

A movie at a large temple complex East of the city.

A movie on the Philosopher's walk.

A movie while we walk about Kyoto.

A movie at dinner.

Moving onto 7/8/03 which was the conference banquet with some traditional dancing, captured
in this movie.

We spent 7/10/03 exploring the Golden Temple where we enjoyed the traditional tea ceremony.

The last day of my trip involved a rapid train ride to Tokyo (on the Shinkansen bullet train - wonderful)
where I met two old friends, Shingo Uto, and my grad school classmate, Joe Watson. I stayed with Joe
in the surreal, futuristic Roppongi Hills. Dinner was quite memorable since it involved chicken sashimi.
Here are some pics from 7/11/03.