Aspen 2006

I was probably in the worst shape I've been in for quite some time on this trip, largely because of a rough Winter. Coupled with missing Aspen last year, this meant that I felt the altitude much more than usual.  However, I used the trip as an opportunity to get back into shape while doing some physics.

There are three hikes on this (shorter than usual) two week visit. The first is the Lost Man Loop on the way to Independence Pass from Aspen. Memories from this trip are recorded here.

The second was a solo quick hike up Aspen Mountain to accelerate my acclimatization. 

Lastly, I couldn't resist joining some friends who were eager to climb Mount Harvard on my final weekend. Two of them actually did Harvard and Columbia one after the other on this trip but I was content with the ascent of Harvard. The way this worked out went as follows: around midnight at City Market, I was buying stuff "in case" I got up for the hike. This while other friends were trying to convince me to forget it and go for a beer. Got home and got to sleep by about 1 am. The way I looked at it: either I got up at 3 am and made the hike or I slept throught it.

I got up! Summiting Harvard gives me the four highest peaks in Colorado - Elbert, Massive, Harvard, La Plata. Yeah!

Pics from the hike up Harvard can be found here.