Aspen 2003:

This visit to Aspen included two memorable hikes. The first (on the first week) was an ascent
of La Plata which (for me) is the last of the easy (day trip) fourteeners in easy reach of Aspen.
There were eight of us on this expedition, and the day was beautiful.
On the descent below tree-line, we encountered some rain, but otherwise it was fun!




The second trip was a loop to Capital Lake (around 16 miles). Again the weather was fantastic
and the views gorgeous. See for yourself,




A couple more pictures



In case the pictures aren't enough, there are five amusing movies, here  (this is La Plata, and
the sound is the wind), here,
you might get dizzy watching this one also at La Plata).

Another one  here  (check out the cows on the way to Capital Lake - I do not understand why
they occasionally wander up above 11K feet. Ofer suggests they are bored;
I think they are just
trying to confuse me

Another one at Capital with more cows. Lastly, a movie at the pass overlooking the Lake.

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